In an age where trust is hard to come by and where fact is no different from fiction, who truly stands to keep the world from plunging into war and violence?

Born hundreds of years ago, The Order is a highly elite cadre of soldiers and freedom fighters, trained to do what others will not. 
These men and women are trained as living weapons and they have dedicated their lives to eliminating violent threats. They live in the shadows, call no country home and answer to no governing power – their only mission: keep the balance. They are neither nationalist nor globalist – they exist to ensure that mankind remains free of despots, tyrants and power mad dictators.

Once their missions were simple. Individual targets that could be eliminated or coerced, the subtle nudges guided nations and states in one direction or another to maintain the fragile peace. And the changes that were wrought went unnoticed, unreported – just the normal workings of the everyday world.

But now a new threat has arisen – a 
new software technology, the Quantum Cloud Computer. A digital data nightmare that puts every living soul on the planet at risk, not just to sell ads or to empty bank accounts, to throw elections or to flood the airwaves with misinformation.  It could be used as a digital weapon of mass destruction. One man holds the key to the weapon so powerful, the very fabric of society will change forever.

A war is imminent – for whoever holds the key. It can either rule or destroy the world.

And only one group stands between those who desire power and those who desire destruction.

The Order.