Jack was born in Sheridan, Wyoming, son to a ranch family and spent most of his youth learning the family stock and trade, horses. Riding by age four, he grew up with the Bighorn National Forest as his back yard. Learning to hunt, track and take down prey was a skill that aided him while in the army. Tapped early on for the Ranger program, Schaeffer emerged as a hard, tough, and competent weapon. He was the deployed to Iraq and other areas where he continued to hone his skills.   

After 5 years of military service, Schaeffer began doing contract work taking on classified para-military operations, through a rogue US outfit. It was at this time that Schaeffer was approached quietly by The Order. An organization seeking individuals with “certain skills” and world outlook that mark them as ideal candidates. Little encouragement was needed for him to agree to completely erasure his former life.

Establishing his leadership abilities early on, Operative Schaeffer was soon assigned as team-lead on many of the Order’s missions. A position he has been accustomed to the last 10 years.


Alyssa was born in Guatemala and raised/educated in the US. Daughter of a diplomat and a historian, Cabrera was recruited by the United States Operations of Strategic Services. During her time in service she showed high level skills as a spy.  With her bi-racial heritage, it made it easy for her to essentially become “ANYONE.” While training with the British Special Air Service she showed a high aptitude for negotiation and logistical operations. She was approached for Order recruitment.

In addition, Cabrera also served as liaison to the same rogue contract unit that Jack was formally a member of.  She and he share a sorted, checkered background that neither of them shared with the team. 

Having spent half a decade of her Order tenure as a specialist under CIA she became the go-between and diplomatic courier between the CIA and The Order.  She established her knack for evaluation and personality assessment during her induction. Operative Cabrera was assigned to aid in the recruitment program. Since that time, she has vetted over fifty possible agents and personally recruited six.

For the last 15 years, she has acted in a variety of roles for missions around the globe, including, but not limited to, team lead, operations, and surveillance.


Second child of a wealthy shipping tycoon based in Cameroon, Brooks was educated at the Sorbonne, but left before completion to become part of the National Gendarmerie. His skills and abilities made him the perfect candidate for GIGN, the elite police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie. He spent 2 years honing counter-terrorist, hostage rescue and riot response among others.

He was summarily discharged (albeit honorably) from the GIGN. He slipped off the grid for several years and became a prized cage fighter in the underground circuit.  This is where he was spotted by Peters. Cole was severely but was still able to yield a victory. Impressed with Coles nontraditional abilities and uncustomary ties Peters takes a chance on him.

While his troublesome authority issues are ever present, his skill and ability in reading situations and operations make him an invaluable asset in the field. Brooks is a seasoned Order operative and is in line for leadership and a seat on the Council, pending further review.


Childhood unknown, she was born in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. Webb was an orphan with no special interests. School records indicate a pattern of acting out and rebelliousness, labeling her with disciplinary issues at an early age.

In her early teens she ran away to America where she forged documents and earned a place in the Delta force.  She was groomed for field work within the JSOC as Task Force Green, An elite unit of the United States Army Joint Special Operations Command.

Emily never could keep her nose clean. She fell in with the Black Star anarchists group and was thereafter deported.

She was highly skilled, but her reputation preceded her and rather than send her to prison, she was snatched up by the Australian Defense Force. After basic training, she was enlisted by Special Operations Command and trained with the Special Forces for three years.

After six years of military service, she was discharged. After a brief stint as a personal bodyguard she was brought to the attention of The Order and became an official Order Operative shortly thereafter. The Order must establish control by any means necessary and these code of ethics finally felt like home. Her infiltration, de-escalation, and asset termination skills have contributed to the success rate of every mission she has been assigned.


Born in South Korea, but abandoned by his birth parents, Talon was adopted and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. As a youth he dealt with discrimination and did not do well in school. Due to the efforts of a concerned Police Officer who took interest in him, he eventually passed his GED and then entered the Atlanta Police Academy. Graduating at the top of his class, Talon sought to join the SWAT program as soon as possible.

Distinguishing him as a capable and thorough SWAT officer Talon was approached by the Halcyon Organization – a privately funded military and protection services group. He moved up the ranks and saw action in several overseas operations on foreign soil in hostile and non-hostile territories.

After a financial scandal scuttled Halcyon, Talon was then approached and recruited by The Order, becoming a field operator on his very first day. Reclusive with a tough exterior, Talon is none-the-less and exceptional, highly trained, and volatile field agent. While he chafes at the rules – he is the one you want on your side when the crap hits the fan.


Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, James exhibited and advanced interest in electronics and computers at an early age. He scoffed at the dubious public educational system and after several evaluations, entered college at the age of 13 and graduated with a PH’D in Computer Science at the age of 17.

Recruited by a US think-tank, James spent several years as a data and security analyst before expressing interest in field operations. Showing an uncanny understanding of tactics, logistics, weapons, and survival skills, he eventually attained a military rank of Captain. While approached by several private organizations that ranged from private security to Black Ops, James chose to align himself with The Order.

He has proven himself to be an invaluable information gatherer and organizational resource, collecting data, writing codes, and programs that allow the Order to infiltrate even the most secure computer encryption.


Child of a history professor and a medical doctor, Ericka was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Growing up, she enjoyed the sights and delights her environment provided her, as she grew an early interest in the marine sciences. After graduating high school, she spent two years at the Oceanic Institute attaining her divers’ certification as well as logging hundreds of hours of deep sea exploration. Her knowledge and love of the world’s oceans led her to join the Naval Academy where she excelled and qualified for the SEAL program.

Five years of military experience around the globe afforded her the opportunity to distinguish herself as a competent leader and tactician. It was for these skills that attracted The Order recruiters. Intrigued by the notion of doing good in the world without restrictions, she agreed to join.

For the last ten years, Ericka has led missions and guided the Order’s various squads in hot spots all around the globe. She is trusted by the Council and has been tapped to take a seat beside them when the time comes.


The third son of second generation immigrants, “Techie” was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Attracted to anything and everything mechanical, he pursued an interest in engineering from middle school and onward. Graduating as Valedictorian from High School, he was offered scholarships to several Ivy League schools, but a deep interest in mechanical engineering led him to choose MIT to get his degree. Advancing quickly, his work in robotics gained him an impressive reputation causing DARPA to hire him to design and build robotic applications for military field testing.

Encouraged by the bravery of both women and men in the armed forces, he chose to pursue a career as a Fireman and EMT. Wanting a different environment, he moved to the Pacific Northwest lending his skills and talents to fighting wildfires in the Western United States.

His skills, abilities, and recklessness brought him to the attention of Order recruiters and he was approached to join. For the last eight years he has aided the Orders efforts all over the globe with only one stipulation his real name be stricken from all databases and records.


Barrett Ralston is an ex-Cold War U.S. CIA Operative recruited by the Order in the mid 1980’s.  Most of his information was lost or deliberately destroyed during a dark month in the Organizations past known only as, “The Cleansing”.

For nearly two decades, Ralston has served as the head of The Order’s Field Training division. He helps recruit, vet, and train those with the right skill sets to become members of The Order.

Serving as a member of the Order’s secretive Leadership Council, (Continually on the move to avoid being tracked by law enforcement and hostile military forces) Ralston is involved in the gathering of Intel and data, deciding which targets are priority for the Order to deal with. He is wanted by several world governments and is on the FBI and CIA’s most wanted list – as is almost every known member of the Council.


Very little is known about this mysterious woman who appears to be unaffiliated with any known or unknown Operative organization – either private or governmentally funded.

She holds three college degrees and works for a high-priced law firm that is helping to secure Harrison’s DYNACLIX Tech Company from patent lawsuits and copyright infringements.